I'm not from Lovinac. I'm not even from Lika. Work brought me to this area, and beauty kept me here. I am a native of Opuzen in the Neretva valley, where, in addition to tangerines, reeds and watermelons, many creative people grow, and as much as the people of Lovinac are responsible for this guide, so are Opuzen and the people of Opuzen.

Your Honor, I am guilty!

I'm to blame for all the bad and half of the good in the guide, and for the other half, all those who helped me, even by pointing a finger where a cave could be or just posing for a photo. Ministers, in alphabetical order, are: Denis Vukasović, Filip Vukoja, Hrvoje Račić, Hrvoje Škrlin – Vučina, Ivan Ivanušić, Jelena Milković, Josip Popravak, Kristina Kresović Knez, Ksenija Kordić, Lucija Kapović, Luka Kapović, Mihael Kurteš, Mile Mataić, Nataša Mataić, Nataša Namćorasta, Snježana Bogdanić, Stjepan Brkić – Stiv, Zvonko Šimić, Žana Živković.

Of the ones that are a bit bold above, Hrvoje Račić and Nataša Mataić understood who they were dealing with earlier than others, and I am immensely grateful to them for that. Effort which Nataša Namćorasta invests in making this guidbook literate without losing its spirit is colossal. for All the misstakes you find, she she is to blame, becausse he didn't notice them?

It is good thing I made Luciju and Luku years before this guide so they were able to help me create it. We explored a lot of places together, and it wasn't always easy. They walked dozens of kilometers, climbed rocks, fell from trees, fought their way through thickets, swam in icy lakes, slept in the snow and everything else we didn't have to do.

Man and donkey are smarter than man himself

The content on this page is informative. Although I try to keep all information correct, mistakes always happen and I take no responsibility for any damage that may result from the use of the content published here, nor do I take responsibility for the accuracy, completeness and suitability (especially this) of the information published here. Take a critical approach to everything in life, including this guide.

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Kupite mi kavu

We don't want other people's, we don't give ours!

I'm not like Nikola Tesla, who was more concerned that people didn't have their own ideas than they were taking his. Any copying, reproduction, broadcast or transmission of any part of this site without prior written permission is prohibited. We can't all be creative, but we can be honest.

Ivan Kapović
former vice champion of the world in
throwing coffee cups in Neretva