Zir Zen

Zir Zen is not special for what it has, but for what it doesn't have. There is no electricity, no water, no neighbors, no traffic, no noise... Your photos on social networks will look nice, but whether you will feel that way depends solely on whether you are ready to sacrifice part of everyday comfort. Think! This is not a place for everyone! But really! This is not a place for everyone!

The greatest injustice of nature is that a centipede has a hundred legs and a pig only four. In all other cases, less is better, and that's why out of all places, I love Zir Zen the most. There's nothing there that I don't need.

Siddhartha Gautama Buddha
Zir Zen u ranu jesen

Zir Zen has just the right amount in its 24 square meters. Two beds that can be used separately or joined as a double bed. There is also an extra bed under the roof for a child, or someone else skilled enough to climb but also small enough to sleep comfortably on 114x185 cm. We also have an air mattress for two people. The current record in the mixed category is two adults and four children.

Zir Zena architect masterfully and above all creatively uses, as I call it, technique of the Christmas sweater. Namely, the wood arranged under the house and the Christmas sweater, at first glance, are there to keep you warm, but their real function is purely aesthetic. With them you are simply irresistible!

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

There is a sink and a compost toilet in the house, and you can take a shower with a portable shower on the platform next to the house. We have a wonderful little stove to warm your body and a gas stove to warm your food. Just for fun, next to the house we built a sauna.

Treat a small wood stove like a woman. Don't cram her, but give her constantly little by little and in return she will give you warmth and romance. If you feel only the first, you need to change something or someone in your life.

Giacomo Casanova

There are many animals around the house: mice, dormice, hedgehogs, birds, snakes, rabbits, foxes, badgers, wolves, bears... They are all afraid of you, more than you should be afraid of them. Respect them and enjoy their presence. If you meet one of them, consider yourself honored.

Oh, damn you for closing all the holes! Know that we may have lost the battle but we haven't lost the war. We will return one day to Zir Zen. Tu casa es nuestra casa!


Where iz Zir Zen located?

We are in Lovinac, in Lika. If you are coming by highway, take the Sveti Rok exit and turn left onto the state road D50 towards Gračac. After 3.4 km, turn left again onto the state road D522 towards Lovinac, and in the settle itself, turn right towards Rasoja. After 2.5 km, turn right again onto the macadam road. The Lovinac train station is only 2.8 km from the center of town, and arriving by train with a bicycle is a great option.

There is another Lovinac near Zadar, but it is obviously the wrong Lovinac.